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The Solution To Darkness Is Our Love


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The Solution To Darkness Is Our Love

We live in an interesting time… A time where refugees risk everything to cross borders for a place to call home. A time where evil threatens the safety of innocent lives in the name of terrorism. A time where leaders are caught in scandals that leave scars of skepticism on the hearts of the masses. A time where discussions surrounding sexuality and gender leave people with more questions than answers and more pain than healing. A time where racism still bleeds into neighborhoods, college campuses, church buildings, courtrooms and family dinners.

We live in a dark time, a time where it would seem safer to shrink back from humanity, looking out only for ourselves.

So what do we do. We love. The solution to darkness is our love. Daring faith always chooses the way of love.

Daring faith is motivated by love and compassion, faith, and the willing to do what it takes to help people.

My prayer for you is that you would look around with fresh eyes and an open heart and really see people. I pray that you would see them not as threats or problems or inconveniences but as children of Life to serve; as brothers and sisters. I pray you see people and before even wondering what they could do for you, you find yourself dreaming up ways to bless them. I pray you dare to do what it takes to help those around you!

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