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Stuck and Waiting For The Flow?


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Stuck and Waiting For The Flow

Stuck and waiting for the flow?
How do you support what needs to break down? How do you hold what needs to fall apart? We all must de-construct in order to re-construct.

We get so wound and tied up to the stories about who we are that sometimes we just need to let it all go stitch by stitch. We need to break, safely, we need to allow the old to fall away. Chances are this isn’t pretty, this is okay. This is healthy. Illness is a healthy reaction to a sick situation. 
We must hold space for the breaking down and letting go. We must create space for the illness to reveal the sickness so the healing can begin.
I believe in the lived experience of every human being, that we must live through these moments of stuck and waiting, and illness, and frustration, that these moments matter. I believe that every perspective and story matters. Every moment is essential to the waking up process.
What we can not do alone, we can do together. Let us support each other, not simply in the rise but also in the breaking down.

  • – Christopher Rivas

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