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The first noble truth says simply that it’s part of being human to feel discomfort.

It is clear to me, that in this country and abroad, a fire has broken out, we have faced fires before; Now, we must fight like we have never fought before! It will not be easy, but we were born fighters, and lovers, but yes- fighters. We must fight against injustices in our every day lives, not only for ourselves but for the people and communities who need it most.  This starts with small acts (and not behind a screen, but in real every day life actions): educating yourself, showing compassion, using your voice-by any means necessary, walking the walk, being aware of how you speak, your body language, going out of your way to show people they are valued, loved and cared for, be in solidarity with those people, be conscious of how you are living, where and who you’re investing your money, energy, time, and most importantly I will say it again- we must educate ourselves and PASS ON that knowledge, engage in conversations, engage in personal and collective change, and continue to #STAYWOKE.

I repeat. #STAYWOKE


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