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So very GOOD All The Time


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So very GOOD All The Time

So very GOOD All The Time

All the time you are living in your God.

Breathing them.

Holding her hand – hang on tight.

Walking arm in arm with him.

Dancing with them.

All the time you are perfect.

“You are in the Kingdom or Queendom of Heaven” – Right here, right now, at your computer, in the hair salon, at the coffee shop – woooh what a relief!

“You are the Light of the world.” ” You are the light.” You ARE LIGHT.

Transcend all those labels that have been placed upon you. Rise above everything that came before you. You are not your I.Q, or your job, you are not the items that own you, you are not 2 minutes ago, you are exceptional, you are right NOW, and you are THE LIGHT.

Like in the Quran- a Muhammad that was crafted out of sand and then Breathed into; Breathed Life into it (himself, herself, young and old, one and all).

Your God made you perfect. Created You perfect. Took the time. Do not forget it. How powerful the presence of God is in you all the time!

to be incredible.

To celebrate life
That’s what life is.
Heat is always hot.
Water is always wet.
Life is always blessing us.
Our job is to stay open to it.
I have my mind under control,
powers beyond normal use are mine to use,
the teaching is done.

  1. With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

    Peace and Blessings 

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