Mindfulness & Spirituality - Six Steps To Effective Prayer

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Six Steps To Effective Prayer


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Prayers is the most powerful technology we have.

Step One – Recognition: Speaking to God, as a loving friend, who is right with you in the region of your heart, say, “Beloved Lord, I know that You are All-powerful, everywhere-present and All-knowing. I know that You are the Supreme Source and supply of everything and everyone.” This helps us to remember that all of life is contained within God and that with God all things are possible.

Step TwoUnification: In order to remember that you are part of God and that God is also right with you now and in every moment say, “Divine Presence, I know that I am part of you and that you are with me and hearing and re­sponding to my every word, need and desire of my heart.”

Step ThreeRealization: Share your mind and heart with God. Tell your best friend, the Supreme Being, about all your concerns, challenges, and aspirations. This will assist you in developing your relationship with a personal God.

Step Four – Speak Your Word: Now ask for exactly what you need and desire. Be specific and speak from your heart, as to what you truly need and desire. At the end of your request add, “Lord, please give me this or that that which is even bet­ter for me.” Take some time to listen to any response.

Step Five – Thanksgiving: Say, “Thank you Great Spirit for hearing my request and for answering my prayer. The following is what I will do for you in return for all you are doing for me. I will give to you _________________________. Be grateful for a grateful heart is a receptive and humble heart. We must be receptive and appreciative, if we are to receive the bounty of God’s gifts and treasures.

Step 6 – Release: Release your prayer and let it go into God’s hands. Say, “Thank you, God, and so it is. Amen.” Now do your part and work with absolute certainty and confidence beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Peace and Blessings

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