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Show Me What I’m Afraid Of


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Show Me What I’m Afraid Of

“Reveal the hidden things in my life, and help me get rid of them.”

There is darkness in us that’s really great at hiding. It’s called fear.

Is there anything you keep avoiding? Is there a certain responsibility, level of relationship, or step of faith you always run from? You may be experiencing fear. What we fear the most reveals where we trust Life & God the least. Does every single conflict with your partner freak you out? Maybe you need to learn to trust God with your relationship. Are you a helicopter- constantly hovering over your actions? Maybe you fear failure, separation, or death. Do you fully trust that you are safe? Do finances cause you endless anxiety? Do you really trust God as your provider? We all have some hidden fear and trust issues.

Fear tries to call you powerless. It says, “You may have God, you may have love, but it’s not enough. You should still be worried.” Now do you see how fear is at enmity with God? There is good news. Perfect love casts out all fear. Who has perfect love? God does, you do, we do, I do. That’s what makes us so dangerous to our enemy- fear, and so good at expelling it!

Think about it like this. Pretend you’re a mansion. Which rooms does fear live in? What about the nursery? The kitchen? The bedroom? The family room? The office? Now, imagine inviting God’s perfect love into all those rooms. Fear and all its baggage get kicked to the curb. What’s left? All sorts of places for the joy, peace, love & bliss to come fill you, renovate you, and … well, surprise you with an incredible blueprint for your new life.

Pray: Holy Spirit, show me what I’m afraid of. Show me how fear tries to discount the enormous power of Gods Love. I want your perfect love to destroy the fears I’m facing. I want to live out your plans for my life. Amen.

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