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Shake Off Everything


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Shake Off Everything

Go ahead- Shake off everything that does not belong to you.

Shake off everything that’s no longer needed, the things that irk you, weigh you down.

Shake off the dust!

Shake it off.

Everything that holds you back

Everythign that doesn’t belong to you

Just let it go.

Say goodbye to what was and hello to what is.


Today, we choose our hand, we choose our peace, we choose our place in this world. Today we dezine our lives our way. Today we are unique expressions of great-good-love and all of it that is here, in abundance, happening for us, right here, right now.

Today we are a miracle, continually unveiling itself. Today it’s happening. We are in it.

Today we choose heaven (on Earth, here and now)

We choose peace

We choose joy

We choose thankfulness

We choose light

We choose love

We choose magic

We choose abundance.


How do you know that this is the perfect moment?

Because there actually is no other moment, no other option, so it can suck, or it can be magic.

Whatever it is, it’s your choice. Always was, always will be.

It’s in our perspective, perspective is reality.

The way in is the way out.


Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

About the author

I’m Christopher Rivas and I’m the founder of LifestyleDezine. I’m an artist, actor, championship storyteller, and I have a real cute kitty named Chance.

Lifestyledezine is a home for all things related to maximizing ones life. Join us.

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