General - Sexual Energy Is The Most Powerful Energy In The Universe

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Sexual Energy Is The Most Powerful Energy In The Universe


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Sexual Energy Is The Most Powerful Energy In The Universe

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the universe. Known as the creative energy of the universe. Nothing in living form that hasn’t been derived from sexual energy.

It’s our biggest addiction and largest taboo. It’s the world most powerful contradiction.

We were born in sin is a lie. And it’s not our fault that the story has been perpetuated over and over.

We have to tell a different story, we have to master our sexual energy. Master it. Control it. Use it. It is our Biological creativity at stake.

Everything in the universe was created to make something more beautiful. Everything was intended to be created from play, from a dance with no steps, from inspiration, from exploration.

We are creative geniuses, it’s in our DNA.

Meditation is making love with god. Taking the time to experience that biological creative perfection at work. That love that is complete.

A moment to turn that energy into power.

We must strive to Always be loving (Never making love)

We love, we don’t need to make it, it is made, and it is perfect.

I AM a lover of God. I am a lover of life. 

Meditation is our time to creatively dance in the flow of love.

Sex, is not making love, it’s a creative form of two people choosing to express our love with physical and conscious unity.

In french, “orgasm” is the little death, let us return to that death, the death of the ego.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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