Selling Snake Oil


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Selling Snake Oil

We’re all up against all this feedback from the outside world, it’s all this social media, it’s all “How do I compare myself?” It’s all this illusion people are creating for themselves about how perfect things are. Or aren’t. Or how perfect other people’s lives are. Or they’re using it as a platform to shame or hate. I think wellness is a great idea, I also think people are promoting information that has no backbone. I think people are preying on others weaknesses. I think wellness is necessary and different types of practices about stretching your mindfulness and consciousness are valuable. I think we’re really scared and confused and we’re looking for community.

And, in LA, against most walls are products for sale: Moon Juice snacks and dusts, essential oils, books, and lots of detox pills.

Most of these supplements = not proven + very expensive pee.

Timothy Caulfield, a health and law expert at the University of Alberta and author of Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?, started on the topic of detoxifying one’s body. “It’s completely ridiculous from a scientific perspective on every level,” he’s said. “The idea that we need to detoxify our bodies — we have organs that do it … There’s no evidence that we have these evil toxins in our cells that are making us put on weight, that give us fatigue. But it plays to our intuition in a very powerful way.”
I don’t know that some of it doesn’t work, I think a lot of it does; but also on a very individual basis. “Your goopshit bothers me because it affects my patients. They read your crackpot theories and they stop eating tomatoes (side note, if tomatoes are toxic why do Italians have a longer life expectancy than Americans?) or haven’t had a slice of bread for two years, they spend money on organic tampons they don’t need, they ask for unindicated testing for adrenal fatigue (and often pay a lot via co-payments or paying out of pocket), or they obsess that they have systemic Candida (they don’t). I have a son with thyroid disease and I worry that in a few years he might read the kind of batshit crazy thyroid theories you promote and wonder if he should stop his medication and try to cure the chronic EBV that he doesn’t have. I also worry that science will have to spend more and more resources disproving snake oil as opposed to testing real hypotheses. I worry that you make people worry and that you are lowering the world’s medical IQ.”
As this spread of bettering oneself continues to grow and infect, I implore that we don’t believe the hype. I encourage us to enter the laboratory of self. Take in less info and products and comparisons and really test who, what, and where we stand within all this.


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