General - Return – To what? What are we returning to?

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Return – To what? What are we returning to?


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Return - To what? What are we returning to?

Return – To what? What are we returning to?

– Which implies that we’ve left somewhere.

– Where is that place?

The place before pain. The place before her. The place before cut. The place for the little girl thought she was beautiful, but her body was wrong. The place before separation. The place before comparison. The place before worry. The place before death was something to fear. The place before success was a bank account. The place before dreams were swallowed for things, monetary and routine. The place before Monday’s were dreadful. The place before the fight. The place before you didn’t need the weekend to celebrate. The place before alcohol is what set you free. The place before you stop caring about your health, your joy, your strength.

This is the great remembering of that what you forgot.

The place before vacation was two weeks in a year. The place before peacekeeping missiles. The place before addiction to normalcy, addiction to mediocrity. The place before trying to be anywhere, everywhere but right here right now. The place before running.

I invite you to return to that place. To belong. To being. To loving and waking. Where everything is the first time. Always the first time. Always now. Always and now kind of taste. Always a here kind of touch. Never the same. You have never existed, not like this, you, now, here, carry no weight, no pastor present

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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