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Radical Acceptance


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Radical Acceptance
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Radical acceptance is a term I run back to over and over.

Basically put, it’s taking what is, the “good” with the “bad”, life as it comes, each moment a moment for waking up.

It also means accepting who you are, all of it, all of you. Your strengths and your strengths and your strengths (before you judge them). You will not nor can not be everyone’s cup of tea. Even the Dalai lama has trash talkers, and Gandhi has haters, and Theresa has flaws.

According to the “ideas” of right and wrong, the “perspective” of good and and “bad”, we simply can not fill everyone’s cup.

We as practitioners, as beings, as light sharers need to be okay with this. We must accept who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We must stand behind our actions, whole being and heartedly.

We are who we are, if we won’t believe it, who will?

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