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Put Down The Holy Grail! How To Discover Your Purpose


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First we must make a distinction between purpose and mission.

 It is not this holy grail chase that is larger than us, and seems so far away, so hard, and so unattainable. No one is sending you on a mission. We do not need to be someones hero. Let us rescue ourselves before we rescue others.

Our Purpose is ours. It begins within. It is the self.

Finding our highest self = Your Highest Goal = Which in turn Plugs Us In

If you want to turn on a light bulb it needs to be plugged in.

If you want to find your ultimate purpose you must first Plug In to your highest self – something bigger than ourselves in order to shine; call it God, call it the universe, call it whatever you want, its yours, its your unique ultimate purpose.

Our highest goals are connected to the highs within ourselves.

And every day, in ever moment, especially the challenging ones we have a chance to discover this, I like to ask myself:

What would the highest version of myself do in this moment?

And then we discipline ourselves to do it. We begin to practice these habits.

As Abraham Maslow says “we can step forward into growth or we can step back into safety”

1 – 1 + 1 – 1 + 1 – 1 + 1 = not going anywhere.

In every moment we have a chance to connect to the highs within ourselves. Every moment we have an opportunity to think differently, to unchain ourselves from restricting ways of seeing, to break free from limiting thoughts that no longer serve us, to establish healthy and whole habits that keep us in flow.

We are establishing a daily practice of inner and outer work that allows us to Plug In.

Plug in and Shine, make that your ultimate purpose. 

Christopher Rivas

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I’m Christopher Rivas and I’m the founder of LifestyleDezine. I’m an artist, actor, championship storyteller, and I have a real cute kitty named Chance.

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