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Pursue Excellence, Not Success


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Pursue Excellence, Not Success

Pursue Excellence, Not Success. Reach Perfection. The perfect that you are.

No one is born that way.

Work on it daily, both personally and professionally, inside and out until you become a consummate being, until you’re overflowing with light and joy, reaching eminence.

Success is a word, an idea. Why isn’t a high school teacher as successful as Katy Perry?? Because of money and fame – is that success??

Can a guide, a director of dreams, a journalist who uncovers the truth, a man behind bars whose sole purpose is to make sure that those getting out never come back, someone who encourages thousands of children to read, someone who provides shelter, someone who feeds the hungry- are they not successful?

There is no time frame on this, all we can do is trust our path and listen to our instincts. We can make the choice to live every moment to its fullest to squeeze excellence out of every breath and every step and every morsel of every second of every day.

Be excellent. Be perfect. Not their perfect, you perfect. You are Perfect. You are Excellent.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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