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Pride is a funny thing.

We speak of it in such a shallow and narrow form – we must “swallow our pride”, “leave our pride at the door”, “push it to the side”

I think like most words it has been misconstrued, bent up, and changed for the worst!

Change your dictionary, change your life

This word needs a different meaning!

Pride: it’s a sin (the most deadly), a group of lions (My Personal Favorite), a family, a nation, a tribe, a colt, a gang, pleasure, ours, individual, excessive, corporation, something we share, something we fight for, a virtue, useful, brave, something we desperately hang on to, only truly owning when we can let go, stone slabs on the back, it defines us, its vicious, like a fall from heaven, contempt for your neighbor, perverted like the largest tower built just for you, a positive sense of belonging, a complex secondary emotion that we will never understand until we understand ourselves. A fine fine line. Balance.


The lion is born king of the jungle; as were we. Placed here. To succeed and conquer for more than ourselves. To raise humanity to another level.

Working for the pride allows us to make this happen.

Who is in your pride?

Will you make them better? Stronger. Wiser. Through your pursuits, through your success, through your lessons learned.

It’s not about caring them on your back, it’s about understanding your greater purpose.

When the Buddha went seeking enlightenment he didn’t hold the world on his back, nor did he allow it to hold him back; quite the contrary: He left his friends, family, wife and only child behind, but he knew that what he would find would benefit the whole, the pride.

When Gandhi went on a hunger strike, he wasn’t asking others to join him, he did what needed to be done for the pride, what others felt during or afterwards is on them.

The same goes for Martin Luther King, Malcolm K, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks – they had Pride that went beyond themselves. They weren’t acting out selfishly, they were responding with a tribe, a nation, a group, a higher purpose, ancestors, a calling behind then, time, unity, THE PRIDE.


How does knowing this shift your actions and your thoughts?

Embrace the pride, live from there!

Christopher Rivas

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