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It is generous to compliment another. It shows we’re not verbally stingy. When we are emotionally frugal, even if people in our life do something magnificent, we are either too self-absorbed or maybe too jealous to compliment them. By handing over power through praise we demonstrate magnanimity, recognizing and confirming another person’s good qualities.

Although praise is focused on someone else, it highlights your own good character. First, praise shows you’re capable of going beyond self-absorption. You’ve extended yourself through a gesture of appreciation. Second, it shows that you understand the qualities of good and worthy actions. If you compliment your friend for finishing her exam, it shows respect for knowledge. Complimenting your brother for helping a sick friend shows respect for compassion. Praising your daughter for making her bed demonstrates that we value work and discipline.

Praise comes from confidence in our own worthiness, through which we are empowering others. It increases their energy and self-esteem. By encouraging other people to do good and beneficial acts, we are engaging in society, strengthening its moral and ethical fiber.

In society and in a relationship without compliments or praise, our desire to do better is diminished because our work is taken for granted. If we refrain from giving praise because we think it will go to someone’s head, we should realize that conversation may not be the time to teach humility. But withholding praise that has been earned can signal our desire for control or our emotional stinginess. If we can’t bother with an opportunity to uplift someone’s day with a few simple words, perhaps we’re just too insecure.


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