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Practice Really Does Make Perfect


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Practice Really Does Make Perfect

Practice Really Does Make Perfect

Practice makes perfect…. It depends what your practicing.

Only if your practicing perfection does practice make perfect.

Practicing mediocrity, practicing fear, practicing negativity breeds those things.

Practice of perfection makes perfect.

What are you practicing?

People practice a lot of things – they are not always perfect

They practice fear, they practice doubt, they practice worry, they practice jealousy, they practice envy

What are you practicing?

In 1974 the Hungarian biologist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi proposed to replace “negentropy” with the positive term “syntropy”, so as to represent the “innate drive in living matter to perfect itself”. This has a correspondent on the psychological level, “a drive towards synthesis, towards growth, towards wholeness and self-perfection”.

and we can only find perfection in The laboratory of self discovery.

Don’t live off of memory and maybes and possibilities – if you haven’t proved it in the laboratory of your life you don’t own it.

You can’t just say words you have to know them. A bunch of people can recite an entire book of scripture to you but are they happy, can they cure the common cold?

Not a maybe, or I think so, but knowing, knowing, sure footed because we are practicing perfection. 


Peace and Blessings

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