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everybody is the guru

“Since I was a young boy, my parents and teachers kept telling me to look away and stop staring. This is my homage to what I had missed.” —Jagatjoti S. Khalsa

I wanted to shine light on a very beautiful foundation  doing incredible things that I’m so blessed to have come across.

The Other Person Is You Foundation a non profit foundation that develops self sustaining multimedia experiences and social ventures designed to open hearts and minds by connecting individuals within an accesible forum of communication, sharing, understanding, and believing thatThe Other Person Is You

Their many ventures include and are not limited to

I’m Down With You: Their first project, I’m Down with You, is a photographic portraiture book and documentary focusing on the Down syndrome community.

Faces of Prayer: Faces of Prayer is a beautiful merger between the still and motion, the sound and silence of prayer and the convergence of six billion foreign expressions of love that melt into one harmonies choir of prayerful sound

Altar Radio: Altar Your Life (AYL) is a radio show about creating a quality of life based on your consciousness, gracefulness and capacity. Everyone needs assistance, a gentle reminder of their abilities, the solution to a problem which seems unsolvable, or just a friendly and humorous voice to engage with, relate to or befriend in the night. We seek insight from someone who knows, someone who cares and someone who gets it.

Lunger Fights Hunger: Within your community through your purchase of high quality staple grains and legumes such as rice, quinoa, beans and lentils. Inspired by the institution of Sikh Langar, or free kitchen, Lunger Fights Hunger™ answers to the growing plight of food insecurity weighing upon low income, working poor and middle class families throughout our United States. By simply buying Lunger Fights Hunger™ products at your locally participating grocery store, we will provide and in kind quantity of our offering to a food bank within your community. This is not charity, it is caring for those one in six neighbors who are experiencing food insecurity today. With Lunger Fights Hunger™ you are feeding minds, nurturing emotional security and cultivating a tradition of healthy living, equality, and oneness of community.

The Ripple Project: First social media network to use entertainment to connect people from around the world with the real stories of ordinary individuals, families and communities living in the ripple effect of extraordinary events, momentous discovery and remarkable shifts.

The project is built around nine converging ripples that are thematic to the human experience, Earth, Life, Society, Religion, War, Health, Discovery, Creativity, Regions; The Ripple Project will present the experiences of lives once marginalized, lost or forgotten by preserving them within an online library and interactive stage of videos, words, pictures and audio.

Go Support Them! Check em Out! and Watch the sample of the beautiful documentary below.



Peace and Blessings

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