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Patience Is Easy If I Let Things Happen


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Patience Is Easy If I Let Things Happen

If I practice and master the art of letting things come, really just letting what comes come; I no longer need to be patient for the things I want, because I will receive the things being given to me.

Just thinking “letting go” or “let go” eases the tension in my body, eases all the pressure i put on myself to get and get and get. I can continue to live and move towards goals and aspirations with no attachments to an outcome if I simply receive. In a state of receiving, I am getting what is coming, I have more room for gratitude and awareness to the things that are here, things I couldn’t see when I was so attached to what I wanted.

What will come as opposed to imagining what I want to come. What is here vs what I want to be here. From this place, I can also make a conscious plan of attack to see my situation and change it if it unfavorable.

I am not limited by my “this way” or “that way.” I am set free to “now this,” and “ooohh, now this.”

The best athletes understand the importance of patience, of allowing the game to come to them. Surfing, putting yourself in a position for success, but allowing the wave to come to you; or else you are going back and forth chasing wave after wave. Basketball and football, what is being given to you by the defense, the best players are patient and take advantage of what is given. Soccer, baseball, badminton, etc… ALLOW the game to come to you,

It’s like a surprise party every day, a thing I had no idea was coming, a thing multiple people who love me worked to put together on behalf of my joy. What a surprise. What a joy.


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