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One Can Soften Everywhere and One Should


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One Can Soften Everywhere and One Should

There is a wisdom in softness. There is an ease in softness. It takes courage to be soft. To be soft is to stop wanting to wake up. To stop wanting answers, to live inside of the question, holding the question, living the question until one day you live into an answer. Softness is letting go and allowing. Softness is less effort, more grace. Softness is absorbing all that life has to offer. You can practice softening everywhere and you should.

To be soft is to actually feel and experience an event. To softly experience it so that you can let it go and let it dissolve, softly.

Softness can not be thrusted upon me, I must allow it from within. I must invite it and make room for the softness.

Softness is not thinking about it or talking about it, it’s softly letting go, living and experiencing. Softness is armor, a great shield; what scares us (believe it or not) looses all power over us when we loosen our grip. We really only become the thing we want when we are soft enough to stop wanting and stop fearing.

In softness, I genuinely begin to reap what I have sowed. If I don’t soften now, I will spend forever never enjoying my crop, never reaping what I have worked so hard to sow.

For the extraordinary to occur, for growth, healing, change and next steps, it is necessary for a softness that allows us to be moved to that space of miracles.

Softness is giving up power and control. Softness is knowing, actually knowing that good things are coming, that change is possible, in this moment, in this place. I am safe to soften, to allow that change to take place.

Like a caterpillar that melts itself (it’s true, look it up) to become what it was born to be. Softness is melting, melting is transformation, transformation is becoming.

It all comes down to a very simple truth, you can not control all things. You can not control anything. You can want things, but at what point does this focus of wanting things steer you away from a real moment to moment life? From a right here now this life? Softness allows us to see others needs more than our own. We can see others for who they are, and not our own ego’s. Softness opens the frame, expands the play range.

Soften. Softening. Here. Now. This.


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