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#OccupyYouAreBeautiful: Help Get Chelsea Off The Roof!


Yesterday I had the chance, quite serendipitously to meet the fabulous Chelsea Roff and her learn about her beautiful campaign #OccupyYouAreBeautiful 

It originally began as a Indiegogo campaign to help fund her non-profit to offer Yoga For Eating Disorders at Treatment Centers around the country at no charge.

Watch the video here

Donate here … Help get her off the roof

In Chelsea’s own words, “On Sunday September 15th at 8am, I climbed onto the roof of 2309 Main Street, laid down my yoga mat, and I am not getting off this mat until all the funds are raised. Period!

I will eat here. I will sleep here. I will sing and dance and do my yoga here. I will stay on this mat, as a demonstration of solidarity with eating disorder sufferers everywhere. I am taking a stand — for joy, for freedom, and for the belief that all people have the right to feel beautiful in the bodies they inhabit.

Why #OccupyYouAreBeautiful? Because eating disorders have destroyed too many lives. Yoga can be a game-changer in eating disorder treatment. I know. After nearly dying of a stroke caused by anorexia when I was 15, I found my way onto a yoga mat for the very first time. Yoga saved my life. And I’m not leaving this mat until others get access to the same opportunity.

On July 30th, I launched an Indiegogo campaign in partnership with the Give Back Yoga Foundation called Yoga for Eating Disorders. Our mission is to bring yoga to treatment centers around the country at no charge, collect data for an evidence based study on it’s effectiveness in treatment, and offer pro-bono talks about eating disorder prevention at local schools in each city the program is offered. With less than 100 hours left in our campaign, I need your help. I will not let this campaign fail. Stand with me by donating today!”

She is a beautiful soul, sharing her light, helping others and doing incredible things, lets help her out.  Every dollar helps

Peace and Blessings


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