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NOW Is A Spectacular Time To Grow And Heal


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NOW Is A Spectacular Time To Grow And Heal

NOW is a spectacular time.

Now is a spectacular time to grow and heal.

We live in a fear stricken time, panic ridden, doubt filled, worry centered world. The whole world is going through this.

You might say, “not me, I’m good”…

But you are a part of it, the way I am a part of it. This world, this place, it’s ONE world, OUR world, where there isn’t any of this without you.

We each play our parts.

I am not a prophet

but I believe with all my heart that we can change our current situation by changing our beliefs.

Belief: Not to be confused with worries

What you fear is not a belief system, it is a perpetual lie you tell yourself about what you don’t want, spend half as much time thinking on what you do want.

Belief: Not to be confused with wishes. Wishes are ungrounded wanting, wanting without purpose. Thinking finances will solve all your issues. Thinking love will help your pain. It’s not about any of that. It’s not us and our small ego centered world, it’s bigger than us.

This is the value of GIVING before trying to get.

I have as many material needs as is needed for my purpose, in this NOW.

The reward(s) will come. 

Materials come to those who need to accomplish a purpose.

It’s not about the task it’s about the purpose.

Knowing and wanting are very different things. Being, purpose, acting out of purpose creates your being. Being rises above everything, all the muck, all the questions, all the fear. Being is a master sifter.

What is left is PURE. 


This is my belief.

My knowing. 

Peace and Blessings 

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