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Never Surrender To Distraction!


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Never Surrender To Distraction!

Personally, I do, all the time. And I have to remind myself (all the time), pretty much everything I interact with is trying to distract me, trying to take me from myself, trying to sell me something, an idea or a product.

Just think about how much we spend on our phones. Distracted time checking-in, feeding on feeds and scrolls, and we still find ourselves feeding.

How much of that distracted time can we put towards being in the world, towards being engaged with others, towards being with ourselves, being engaged with ourselves?

I figure a lot.

When we check out from distraction we get sight, we get to see what couldn’t be seen.  That mist of life- public policy, social structures, and active habits are based on distracting us, by praying on our fears or the simple fact that we don’t question the status quo.

People are invested in our distractions. People make money off us being distracted. Your distraction keeps you small. Your smallness makes people money. Your smallness keeps things the same. It is in the interest of media, banks, and government to keep you distacted. If you are distracted, “they” will guide you, “they” will lead you and tell you what to do. You do not need them.

Free yourself form distraction. Set yourself free. Never surrender to distraction! Especially when it is at the hands of someone else.

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