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Need kick-ass content!?

WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU: Craft well written blog posts with catchy headlines that helps grow your readership / spread your message / market your business or product. Write well researched, feature articles that informs and adds to your community. Create copy that will get people to sign up to your mailing list. Work with your company to create and implement a social media strategy that meets your business goals. Not use words like ‘Increase Conversions’.

Blog posts, articles, newsletters, copy, social media updates.

A Little More About Me:

Hi I’m Chris and I’m a freelance content creator. The founder of this beautiful place. I love writing and I’ve been blogging since 2000.

I write about mindfulness, meditation, health and wellness, spirituality, happiness, personal development, food and travel. I also have written about relationships, sex, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. My personal style is witty and sassy but I am capable to switching to fit your needs. I’m reliable and capable of working within a deadline so I’ll always deliver on time.

I love travel writing and since I work online, I slow travel all over and have lived in Barcelona, Budapest, Belgrade (a lot of B’s), and I am proudly form NYC. I love getting down and connecting with locals and discovering alternative things to do and interesting places to hang out. I am a big foodie! and I Look forward to working with you!

Peace and Blessings


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