My 30 Day Prayer


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My 30 Day Prayer

God, you are so great! Thank you for everything that allows me to experience your greatness. There are a million more reasons to love than fear.

Right here right now, I allow you to transform me through the renewing of my mind.
Remove the negative thoughts and spiritual enemies that try to infiltrate my mind and give me nothing but peace and clarity.
God I love you, and I ALLOW you to fight the battle in my mind.

I know that you gave me these BIG dreams- I know they are yours and all I must do is walk. I am walking!
I am worthy of my dreams coming true. I know this. I let go, I TRUST.

I know that within the armor of heaven I have no fears. I am safe here, in heaven on earth. Safe to do your bidding and storytelling and artistry and acting and writing and sharing – all yours – I am the vessel.

I know all debts were a generous loan from people believing in me and I am grateful for their energy and I will return the favor gratefully.

All my hearts desires and cares are in the infinite power of you; I know that I have everything, including time and eternity… So I will RELAX & share your infinite love with all beings.

I pray to remain of heaven and not of earth. I release struggles and concerns and place my faith in universal love, in the one presence, the one power, the one consciousness.

The universe conspires to ensure my happiness and abundance and well-being. I am divinely supported in living my highest potential. One with all that is, I enjoy a thriving and prosperous life. And so it is. Amen

God, you are so great and life is good. I will this song forever and ever.

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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