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  Does this seem familiar?

 Is this a feeling you know all too well?

 What are they saying? What are you saying? Why can’t you communicate with anyone, with yourself, with your own thoughts?

 Typical reactions to this behavior are confusion, anger, and a willingness to cease communication.

Where is the block? Whats happened?

You want to build a solid connection and fortify your relationships so that they can be as strong as possible? Relationships to and for self, work, friends, lovers, family, then go back to ONE.

Take a breath and start over right NOW. You are not the confusion, and lost and wandering that came before you. You are clear and positive right now. 

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Follow YOUR Truth.

Let Conscious be your guide. Your Conscious. Your GUT.

You’re a radio station, don’t play another’s music.

Live well. Live in peace that you are following your heart. Live free, standing firm and clear behind every word you say and every decision you make.

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