Mindfulness 101


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Mindfulness 101

MINDFULNESS 101 …. “Beyond the edge of thinking is infinity.”

What is here right now?
What is happening right now?

The best tool I know of to achieve a state of mindfulness is to ask yourself
– I wonder what thought i will think next?

Wait for it… Listen … It’ll come…
that moment in between – that is mindfulness.


Mindfulness is life without story and mask.
Mindfulness is coming into contact with life before the illusion; before the stories and excuses.

Mindfulness is knowing where you are putting your attention
Attention – the most valuable commodity.

Mindfulness is not about happiness,
It doesn’t really matter how happy we are.
It’s about whats really there.
It’s not a tip or a trick, it’s the truth.

One size does not fit all.
It’s not about solutions.
It’s about knowing oneself.

It’s not about getting somewhere or getting further away form somewhere;
it just about about developing this self that no longer wants to be harmful to itself.

When we practice mindfulness we are mindful.
It’s mindfulness simply to be aware of any disrupting thought at all.

A teacher used to say that even if your reasoning for being here is wrong,
it doesn’t matter so much, because you’re here.

Mindfulness Is a way to become an observer
and meditation (simply a direct access to NOW) is one of the ways to become that observer.

Some sits will be great. Some days you will wish for that ignorance is bliss quality.
Some days the truth will sting so bad; but you go through it, or you don’t…
All of it is building this powerful inner strength.

“When a mosquito bites you during a sit, you notice it right away… But when you’re dancing around and a flea bites your balls you don’t notice it at all.”

With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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