Meditation + Love


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Meditation + Love

Meditation + Love

It is very easy to think about love. It is very difficult to love. It is very easy to love the whole world. The real difficulty is to love a single human being. It is very easy to love God of humanity. The real problem arises when you come across a real person and you encounter him. He is not going to be your slave and neither are you going to be a slave to him. The problem arises because nobody is here to play slave and nobody can be a slave. Man is freedom… In the east they have become loveless and they called it nonattachment. Bye and bye they became deadened. Love almost disappeared from the east end only meditation remained… Meditation means that you were feeling good and your loneliness. Meditation means that you are related only to yourself. As if to say you are healthy because you don’t have an illness. Health should have something positive, a glow of its own, not just an absence of disease. In that way even a dead body is healthy because it has no illness… In the west people have run to Love, seeking love in all forms, because Love can give you happiness but there will not be any silence in it and so they will find themselves defeated… Happiness and no silence, no peace, something is missing…. Meditation without love and love without meditation are worthless…

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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