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Meditation Is Undistractable Attention To Reality


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Meditation Is Undistractable Attention To Reality

Meditation Is Undistractable Attention To Reality

paying undistractable attention to reality.

Meditation always begin with Intention
Why am I sitting?  Why are we doing anything we are doing? WHY??

Why am I dedicating this time to golden silence or too contemplation? Why?

There are three types of meditation: Spiritual, Contemplative, Existential…

To focus on that inner silence, to listen within, to that well of knowing, to wake up. To allow and accept anything. To empty out, clear our minds and become nothing. No mind.

Why this story? What is the meaning? Why do humans react like this?
What is this poem/song about? Why did I act in that way?

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Why am I in this place? What is this place? What is my reason for being on the planet?

Give meditation  a shot. It’s one of our strongest tools for life visioning, happiness, peace, and bliss.

Go, sit back, and allow for a few moments of undistractable attention to reality.


Peace and Blessings

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