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Meditation For Fear Of Emptiness


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Meditation For Fear Of Emptiness

Meditation For Fear Of Emptiness

Make it a point every every day, morning or night, or both; 20 minutes go into your emptiness. Accept it, let it be there.

Fear arises – let that be there too. Tremble with fear but don’t reject the space that is being born there. Within two or three weeks you will be able to Felix beauty, you will be able to Felix benediction. Once you have touched that benediction, fear will disappear on its own accord. You’re not to fight with it.

Sit kneeling on the floor, or in a comfortable position for you. If your head starts bending forward – it will – allow it. You will almost go into a wombs posture, just as the child remains in the mothers womb. Your head will start touching your knees, or touching the floor – just allow it.

Enter into your room and just be there. No technique, no mantra, no effort – just be there. Just be acquainted with what it is. It is something that you have never known. Your mind is apprehensive because it is coming from a very different and unknown dimension. The mind cannot cope with it. It has never known anything like that before, so it’s simply puzzled; it wants to categorize and label it.

But the known is the mind and the unknown is God. The unknown never becomes part of the known. Once it becomes part of the knowing it is no more the unknown God. The unknown remains unknowable. Even when you have known it, it remains unknown. The mystery is never solved. The mystery is intrinsically unsolvable.

Every day find time to go into that space. Fear will be there, trembling will be there; that too is OK. By and by the fear will be less and less and rejoicing will come more and more. Within three weeks one day suddenly you will see such blessings arising, such an upsurge of energy, such a joyous quality to your being, as if the night is over and the sun has come to the horizon.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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