Masters of perspective


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Masters of perspective

A plate of spaghetti

Can be noodles in a bowl. Or can be noodles which grew out of someone’s labor, hard work, calluses hands, bruised knees and sweat, their hopes and dreams for themselves and their loved ones, the soil and rainfall and sunlight which is constantly effected by our living and breathing, by global warming, over farming, and acid rain. Then there is those who shipped the wheat, who milled it, who drove the trucks up and down the coast with soar backs, the grocers, the market employees who got it out for us, the car or public transport we rode in. Not to mention the culinary history of Italy or China where pasta was a staple.

And it can go on and on and on.

Looking below we see a world where a single bowl of spaghetti is actually an entire universe. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Raising the stakes.

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