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Make space. A lot of space.

Make room.

Make room for all this good, for so much good. All this good is begging you to let it in. To get out of its way so it can work, like any good artist the magic that is life just wants room to paint, make room.

Make room for all this money that wants to serve you. All this abundance. All this luck.

Make room.

Allow yourself to be okay.

Allow yourself to be great.

Allow yourself to be limitless.

Get over your inhibitions and fears, and just go. You don’t have to know where you just have to go. Start being – go.

Tiny white strings wrapped up in your mind – Pull them out one by one until they all unravel. Create the truth by pulling out the lies, the stories one thread at a time.

Live the now by letting go of the lies.

Make Space

Make Space to do Good Work

Make Good Work

Make a Living off of My Work 

Make a Living off of My Good Work

Make a Good Living off of My Good Work

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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