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Lovers and Wounds


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Lovers and Wounds

Lovers and Wounds.

There’s this theory, that each person comes into this world with open wounds. Wounds we can’t even see. Wounds that can only be seen by certain “special” people. And then these “special” ones come into your life and they can’t help but put their fingers into your open wounds. Our tendency when poked in this way is to retreat, to lash out, to pull back, these wounds are raw and fresh and a finger inside them does not feel good… But now that we know how full of wounds we are, how open and ripe for the poking, we can see these ‘special” people for what they are, special. We can take that person and their finger jammed into the tenderest parts of us and gently grab their hand, look at them, look at the wound, and examine the wound together… From this place, we can heal, we can thank them for showing us what we couldn’t see without them, for revealing the parts of us that need revealing, so that we can finally heal and become whole.

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