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Love At First Sight Proves Do Nothing Just Receive


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love at first sight

Love At First Sight Proves… Do Nothing Just Receive. Love At First Sight Proves Do Nothing Just Receive. Do Nothing Just Receive

Love At First Sight Proves… You don’t have to fight for what’s yours.

In the bible – Isaac did nothing and he received his bride.

Do nothing, just receive. They are the one life has for you.

If we know something it’s important for us to TRUST our knowing. If we TRUST that what we feel, what we’ve seen will be, then it will be! It’s already done. All we need to do is stick to our plan and let it happen.

I trust your intuition, I trust your knowing- do you?

We’ve all had that moment of eye contact where we KNEW we would have a moment, meaningful, powerful moment with another person… Not sexual, just a moment, a moment with significance that matters.

And when we step back, keep doing us, allow it to just happen it does, always does.

Let the love, let life fall into place.


Peace and Blessings



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