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Living Naturally Is Never Easy


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Living naturally is never easy

We turn towards god only or obtain the impossible.

Because some things are impossible and we don’t like what we don’t know.

And yet, doctrines that explain everything also debilitate me at the same time – they relive me of the weight of my own life and yet I must carry it alone.

If I could say just once, “This is clear.” All would be good, all would be saved, I would have billions – for I would make things clear. but instead, we make things forgotten- with drugs, alcohol and addictions, we don’t want clarity because we will never have clarity.

Understanding the world is reducing it to human, stamping it with our seal.

If we were trees among trees, things would be clear. Cats among cats, thing would be clear. But we are humans, in a universe that is not made for understanding, not by our minds at least.

Living naturally is never easy.

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