Lifestyle Dezine Reboot

Life is balanceWhatever the problem is, too much stuff, not enough stuff, money, business, work/life balance, physical training, or even chronic illness, it all boils down to the same thing…STRESS. The goal of Lifestyle Dezine is to find inner and outer freedom, to master Balance, so you can stress less and do more of the things you love.

This ONE DAY retreat is a unique opportunity to spend an entire day at a one of a kind Baliness home (various locations). These retreats are extremely limited (no more than 12 participants). Not only will you learn about tools and techniques you haven’t seen anywhere else, you’ll get to collaborate with other fascinating individuals and work together to solve each others problems with the ultimate hands on guidance from brilliant guest and light workers.

The program starts the moment everyone arrives as we introduce each other, and enjoy a health breakfast. Once we arrive the days program will include a lot of group discussion of ideas and challenges as well as learning the methods needed to make them more efficient. A physical practice, a creative practice and a lot of play.

We will enjoy a chef prepared health lunch and spend sometime focusing on improving physical and mental performance including self tracking, meditation, productivity, and cognitive improvements.

This description only scratches the surface of what you’ll get out of this life changing experience!

The date for the next retreat in April will be announced shortly – if you are interested in securing a place please get in touch using the form below or sign up to the mailing list to be kept up to date with all things Lifestyle Dezine.


Peace and Blessings

LifestyledeZine is a multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to dialogue and healing through personal truth. We create creative projects and opportunities in order to be of service to the communities that we find ourselves a part of.

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