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Lifestyle Dezine Mission Statement


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Lifestyle Dezine Mission Statement

Human possibilities vastly exceed our imagination. Realization of the human potential transcends religious and scientific dogma. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social dimensions of our being are inextricably joined. We, and all things are one. Transformation of consciousness is the basis for transformation of the world. All share the potential to love, learn, feel, and create. Lifestyle Dezine explores these possibilities and celebrates unity in diversity.

Lifestyle Dezine exists to serve the world.

Lifestyle Dezine is here to embrace this loving world, not run from it. To show the true nature of this magnificent place, filled with joy, love, abundance, peace, and grace.

We believe in the deeply transformative power of this place.

We are here in service of something larger than the self.

We are organized to give you the tools to unleash latent capacities and re-energize your sense of purpose — for yourself and the world.

We look beyond dogma to explore deeper spiritual possibilities, forge new understandings of self and society, and pioneer new paths for change, which ultimately pave the habits to becoming.

Lifestyle Dezine is a home for exploring and realizing human potential through experience, education, and research. We work toward the realization of a more humane and all-embracing world.

Lifestyle Dezine is a major catalyst in the transformation of humankind, working with individuals and institutions to integrate, mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit to build and foster a community of light workers and those living within and attempting to reach their highest potential.

Join us.

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

About the author

I’m Christopher Rivas and I’m the founder of LifestyleDezine. I’m an artist, actor, championship storyteller, and I have a real cute kitty named Chance.

Lifestyledezine is a home for all things related to maximizing ones life. Join us.

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