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Life’s Answers: It’s All There On The Mat


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Life's Answers: It's All There On The Mat

Life’s Answers: It’s All There On The Mat

“In this life there will be suffering” – Buddha, the first of The Four Noble Truths

It’s all there on the MAT.

It’s relative, relate-able. In my meditation practice every obstacle in my life pops out.

How I respond to an itch – Do I scratch it without thinking? Do I give into it? Or do I observe it and ALLOW it to pass?

A Cramp- Can I breathe into it? Can I commit to stillness and have FAITH that this too shall pass?

Am I sound orientated, body orientated? What grounds me most? Where does my mind want to run to?

How do I react to solitude and how does that influence my relationships?

Can I begin a practice (exercise, diet, studies) moderately or do I have to do it 100%, two hours a day for the rest of my life and if I don’t stick to that I’m a failure.

Can I progress slowly and be okay with it? Okay with not knowing everything. Okay with struggling.

This is all true in everything we do. The way we rest. The way we play. The way we compete. In eating habits. In the way we cook – by the book or by the gut?

When we begin to observe our mind, every weakness, every obstacle and wall we’ve built for ourselves begins to show itself. Every time we give ourselves permission to turn off the auto pilot, to slowdown, to address our emotions from a grounded and honest place we shine a little more light on the things we don’t normally speak of, we confront our demons, we take hold of the wheel, we gain control.

Peace & Blessings

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