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Let’s Start Stronger


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Aristotle Excellence

Let’s Start Stronger

If you can control anything it’s your first thoughts upon waking. The first words out of your mouth. Your first feelings. Your first Breaths.

How we begin our day is huge in mapping out the rest of the day.

Start on a positive note.

Prioritize: What matters most to you in the morning? … A long and luxurious shower. A delicious and hearty breakfast. Making love. Meditating. Yoga. Spending quality time with the one you love. Exercising. Listening to your partner. The news. The news paper.  Counting your blessings. Journeying. Praying. Writing in your journal. Working on your comedy routine. Working on your small business. Listening to yourself. Breathing.

Now what NEEDS to happen so we can be our best self today?

What sacrifices must we make so that we can operate on our time, in our terms? Maybe we need to go to bed earlier. Wake up earlier. Pick our clothes out the  night before. Make tomorrows lunch the night before. Have your yoga podcast already synced up and loaded. Create a space for I – a room, a closet, a corner that is mine to just BE with myself, my breath, and my thoughts.

These RITUALS are vital to our success. Things we swear by. Things that don’t vary. So that we are always in control and never caught off guard.

A strong foundation is the most important thing.

Be strong. Be Smart. Be Brave. Be Light. Be Beautiful. Be Healthy. Be Loud. Be Vibrant. Be everything you want to be, everything you know you are. Upon first light, upon first breath of the new day.

  1. With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

    Peace and Blessings 

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