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Let Me Show You This Moment


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Let Me Show You This Moment

Let me show you this moment. The beauty and power of right now. Are you here. But all that worry is outside of here that we have to be here to be set free. And we are not alone. Alone you to bring me here, now. Here where we will be love, peace, bliss. What more do you need?

You hit your stride. You’re all of it. You’re winning and celebrating and receiving.

Running because you were supposed to run and after all the training it’s easy.

You love your team. You love your trainers, your teachers, your school. You love life. And we appreciate that.

When do you won’t be so fast but you’ll be remembered, always loved.

Course we take great care of you, what option do we have?

Thanks for all you do. Welcome to greatness.

Tag, you’re it!

You only get to keep what you let go of.

I know I got it. Now I serve you 

Praise you l

Love you 

Listen to you.

You are the being of infinite potential. You are the light. Enlightenment is knowing there’s a gift within you. 

You and you and you and we are all supposed to be here.

Peace and Blessings 

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