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Kill Your Present Self


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Kill Your Present Self

Kill Your Present Self and become that/ BE that Future self you wish to become, you know you are!

Stop that present same old you in. Stop it in it’s tracks. The you that makes excuses, that’s holding you back to your peak potential.

Whenever we make a declaration, a resolution, we’re battling the self we are and the self we wish to become.

So instead of imaging this future self,  or simply just seeing this person you wish to become, think you can become, BE THAT FUTURE SELF RIGHT NOW.

Starting now live as he or she would love.

By their morals. Be their strengths.

This isn’t day one of your new health regimen, this isn’t just the beginning of your spiritual journey, it’s happened, you’ve done the work and absorbed it all.

We just have to put ourselves in that mind state. We are what we wished to become. Make things happen NOW. Live and Speak to your Ideal Self.

Leave the present self behind. Say, “Thank you for getting me this far but now it’s time I shed my skin and blossom into something even more powerful and beautiful”.

You don’t have to live in your old ways or make excuses for where you are; that isn’t what that ideal you would do.

Live in that way.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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