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How many times do you see what they can not see? That he/she is no good for them, that job makes them miserable, that they are addicted to the pain, that they probably should order seconds, that they spend money recklessly, that they drink too much, etc…

We can’t just tell them, because they might not listen, they might not be ready to hear; and who are we?

We can’t tell them, but we can show them. We can open the door and remove a window shade so they can see, but they must make the final decision to walk outside, to tear down the wall, to be free from suffering.

We can lead by example – “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

No pointing, simply revealing with an open palm and an easy breath.

No telling, no shoving, only helping, gently guiding while holding their hand and rubbing their shoulders; we walk and hope they follow.

Less talking, more living.

It’s not a favor, not something they need, but a gift given unconditionally, a way (there are a thousand ways), we are helping uncover, generously and graciously without the need for anything in return.

If we’re willing to let it slip out of our hands then we have it.

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