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Feeling sluggish or less than your physical best is no way to move through life.

Not to mention the digestive issues, skin problems and aches that can often occur when your body isn’t feeling right. Taking care of all these issues really doesn’t need to be a big deal. There’s actually a really simple solution to them all.

It’s no secret that many people use juicing to ward off sickness in the body, mind and spirit – as there are so many benefits to be reaped from this process that your body will love you for. Here are three of them:

1) Shed Toxins

Although the body has its own built-in cleansing process, it is still a great idea to support it through a juice cleanse in order to give your organs a rest.

The reason for this is because in this day and age, we are constantly bombarded by chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, parabens, dyes, etc., that pile up in the system, and quite bluntly… aren’t supposed to be there.

Quite often you can read a food label and not recognize any of the ingredients and probably don’t even know how to pronounce half of them. Therefore, doing a juice cleanse anywhere from 3-10 days is a great way to give your system a kick-start.

2) Amp Up Your Energy

A good rule of thumb is to do a cleanse at least twice a year, but to do it as the seasons change – as prescribed in Ayurveda. It becomes a nice way to “gift” yourself through the seasonal transitions happening around you.

When you let go of accumulated toxins in your system, you will give your body a chance to greet the day with ample energy, not to mention avoid midday slumps and regulate your sleep patterns.

3) Recalibrate Your Energy

Starting your cleanse doesn’t have to be difficult or take much time. There are some very easy things you can do right away to support your body. As you prepare to embark on your juice cleanse, begin eliminating things that are having a toxic effect on your body, such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy and soy. It is important here to realize that this is temporary – so don’t get overwhelmed by thinking you can never have these things again – you’re just lightening up the toxic load temporarily to give your body a break.

You will most likely find that unwanted weight begins to melt off naturally as you reduce the inflammation in your system that’s caused by these high-allergen foods, and replace them with nutritious, fresh juices that are power-packed with vitamins and minerals.

How to Support Your Body During a Cleanse

When you’re going through a cleanse, it’s important to reduce stress wherever possible as stress kills the good bacteria and yeast that lives in your intestines; causing your digestive system and immunity to weaken. Staying hydrated also helps to flush out toxins, as does sweating them out in a sauna.

With the skin being the largest detox organ of the body, it’s very important to exfoliate during a cleanse – particularly by using a dry scrubbing-brush. This stimulates the blood and lymph flow, which in turn helps release toxins.

It’s important to realize there are so many different ways we can go through a transformational cleansing process. Making sure you have all the information and support you need to cleanse safely, so you reap the rewards of long-term, positive results, are key components of the cleansing process.

These are just three reasons why your body will love you for juicing. If you’ve juiced before, please share some of the benefits you experienced below.

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