John and Mary


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John and Mary

Imagine my right arm is Mary, and my left is John. Only Mary and John don’t know they’re one body, they think they’re separate. One day John gashes himself. Mary looks at all the blood dripping and says, “Yuck, get that mess away from me.” Or she thinks: I’m not a doctor, if I try to help John I’ll get dirty, or I’ll get sued. What happens? John dies, Mary dies, I die. But one day Mary and John go through an epiphany, or a great enlightenment experience, and they realize they’re one body, they’re Me. So now when John gets hurt, Mary doesn’t even think about it. She goes to the bathroom, shoves John under the water to clean away the blood and bandages him up.

And then one day I relate that if I help you, I help all. If I fail you, I fail all. If I lie to you, I lie to all. If I am kind to you, I am kind to all. One body. One home. One.

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