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I’ve Been Set-Up!!


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My whole life has been a SET-UP for right NOW. A set-UP for greatness, for success, for living life to its fullest.I have been generously set-up!

The traffic ticket I couldn’t afford.

The long line at the supermarket.

The job I didn’t book.

The break-ups.

The petty bickering.

The getting angry about nothing.

The worry, the fear.

The tears, of joy & sadness.

The suffering.

The unforgettable nights.

The days that couldn’t end soon enough.

They have all been a set-up, for right here, right now!

How can I grow from this? How can I choose to use this to my advantage?

All a part of the plan. Placed HERE for a reason.

A lesson, a way out, a blessing, a way in, an opportunity, the present, a gift that’s been handed to me.

How lucky am I!? Oh… You’ve also been Set-up! Congratulations! How lucky are we!?

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