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Social Anxiety or Social Media?


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Social Anxiety or Social Media?


Social Anxiety or Social Media?

Is There A Point To Anything That Treats The Symptoms Of Stress While Ignoring Its Root Causes?

The two most essential concepts in language
– it exist
– It doesn’t exist

It’s perception. Always has been, always will be…. This is what social media does to us, brings up our anxieties and unnecessary questions like –

– How am I doing in this world?  vs his world? Or that world? Or her world?

Those social media comparisons of other people’s worlds which don’t exist unless you allow them to become your consciousness, your life, your existence. It’s a choice. That’s their world, not yours.

So you go around suffering, wondering why you’re not on a boat, or flying to some beach, or working that job… It’s perception. That is their world, focus on yours. Find gratitude and passion in yours- I promise you, it’s there.

Personally, I think you are doing beautifully. So be completely at ease with yourself. Stop allowing all the social anxiety based on “how am I doing vs how are they doing”?

The truth is, other people perceive the discomfort and inauthentic as well. Other people, even the ones on the boats are feeling it. It’s why we share so much on social media, we want to know people are like us, we want to know there is a community for us. I encourage you to allow your community to come to you. It’ll happen, let it come.

I think you are doing beautifully. Truly. So be completely at ease with yourself.

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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