Is Fear In Our Blood?


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Is Fear In Our Blood?

Is fear in our blood?
As basic as our make-up?

We can’t run form it like we can’t run form sweat.

Am I wrong – unless we’re in the wild we don’t need fear.

Fear is soothing we must turn on.
Or is it written in our genes?

But horrible acts done to other human beings surround us daily – surrounds us! We don’t have to look for it, it’s coming right to us.

No fear.

Imagine it.
Imagine no fear. Just love & logic.

Imagine knowing – nothing can harm me.
My body, my things, these are not me.

I cannot be threatened.

With no fear, trauma isn’t traumatizing.
With no fear, terrible things aren’t terrible.

Nothing is asked – I simply have nothing to fear.

A fearless life is not about happiness.
It’s not too make you happier. It’s too truly give you life.

I can be filled with fear and be “safer” – will I be happier?

If a car is heard towards me do I need fear to move out of the way? Can’t I use logic – that car its me, my body is damaged, let me move.

I can have no fear and still be safe, with maybe a little more luck, more logic… Bad things might happen, I might scrape my knee more, but all of a sudden bad things aren’t bad things.

Can we disappear fear?
Will we disappear with it?
What will disappear?
We will we become crazy people who just ate crazy sandwiches?
Will we break?
– Even the magic of mommy can’t fix a broken cracker.
– Might we learn everything about life from smashing our head against a broken cracker?

Regardless of what we choose, one must stay alert so as to not miss the opportunities.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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