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In Order To Choose, You Must First Know


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In Order To Choose, You Must First Know

In Order To Choose, You Must First Know

“We have become completely enslaved by material things. Our mind is no longer the master of itself. External things are dominating our life.”

In order to choose between truth and delusion, you must first know you are in delusion.

Like right and wrong you must first know right and wrong, you must be informed.

Do you know who you are? Truly? Are you proud of it? Are you willing to share it naked with all?

Dignity comes from the Latin word “worth”. Dignity can not be taken away or destroyed.

But first you must know this worth and know that no matter what it can not be taken from you or given to you.
A sense of worth that is beyond ones surroundings.

Social media is messing with your dignity. Making you question your worth, tight here, right now. Making you more envious then celebratory. Making you question why not this and why not that.

Show me an ego-less social media. Show me a social media where we celebrate others joys purely. Like the dahlia lama says, “celebrating others happiness gives me a million more chances a day to smile.”
Show me that we can truly celebrate others joys, then our media is truly social, truly joyful.

The material is not bad, our weak minds are the problem. We must turn on and enlighten our minds. I know way to many people who take better care of their electronics than themselves.

“When a knife is used by a thief, it’s a dangerous weapon. A chef, a piece of art. So everything completely depends on a persons mind.”

Where is your mind? What is your worth? What do you know? What do you believe in? What do you choose? Your choice.

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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