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Improving Your Life With Feng Shui


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A infographic by Helen O’Keeffe

When deciding on the placement of furniture and other objects within the home, the question that we usually ask ourselves is ‘Does it look right?’. While this is certainly an important consideration, it ought not to be the only one. As advocates of Feng Shui will tell you, the location of items within a living space can affect our sense of wellbeing for better or for worse, depending on where they have been

One might wonder how the placement of a sofa within the living room could possibly impact on one’s mood, but psychologically it does make a difference. When that sofa is dropped in the middle of the room, there is a disruption to the flow of positive energy; it usually doesn’t look right being placed arbitrarily. By contrast, if that sofa was to be positioned with only the merest of gaps to the wall, the whole room appears far more open and there is a much greater energy flow, which in turn helps a person to release their innate creativity and feel more invigorated in their daily life.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to positive Feng Shui is the presence of clutter. If the entrance to your home is dotted with disused items which evidently look out of place, your energy levels could diminish before you even set foot inside the front door. Clutter sucks the positive energy out of a home and becomes a roadblock to free-flowing thought; in an untidy, disorganized space, your eye will almost certainly be drawn to clutter, whether subconsciously or otherwise.

Check out this infographic from EZ Living Interiors which explains the effects that positive Feng Shui can
have on your daily life and what you can do to achieve a desirable energy flow.




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