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I Wish I Could Have Done So Much More


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​I wish I could have done so much more. A letter from a reader in response to a “thank you” note I sent for supporting our Positivity Scrolls fundraiser for the Homeless of LA.
This morning I saw a young man on the corner with the tell tale little can, asking for money. He was clean and waving at cars, even though most didn’t even acknowledge him.
I was not near him but checked my wallet anyway, hoping to find something to give him. Finding nothing I did not honk at him to come over.
The fact that he was approximately the age of my own daughters was not lost on me. I pictured both of my girls on the street, asking strangers for a bit of kindness and I lost it. Started crying right there in the car and thanked my Heavenly Father that their situation had been different and they had not been thrust into a world of drug addiction where just making it out was hard enough, to only then begin the arduous task of working hard yet again to succeed at life.
The odds had been stacked against this young man from the start.  It didn’t seem right.  It didn’t seem fair.  Shouldn’t everyone have the right to a bit of happiness? But his start in life didn’t involved reaching goals or striving for happiness, it involved fighting a monkey that was hell bent on getting on his back.
I was glad that he had fought the monkey and supposedly won, otherwise he wouldn’t be collecting money for the drug addition house.  But was saddened at the same time that he had to fight at all.
I thank you Christopher for inspiring me yet again to do more than just give money when I can. You are doing so much more than that.  One of my agents too. She is involved in a local homeless shelter and actively participates each month hosting birthday parties for kids that have been displaced and are homeless.  Every child deserves a birthday party and Elizabeth is making sure that none are forgotten.
I pray that this project is a huge success for you and that your efforts to balance things out a bit are hugely rewarded.
I’m praying for you, and your amazing family, especially more so today in light of the news regarding your dad.
Much love from me to you.

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