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I Don’t Know Why We Got Here


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I Don't Know Why We Got Here

I don’t know how, I mean i know how– the bird and the bees, yes… But the billion other things I don’t know.

I know we suffer, but I know we are not meant to suffer. I know that I have to do whatever I have to do, whatever I can to enjoy this moment as much as possible. I know I need to train my perception to realize that for whatever reason (reason doesn’t really matter) I am here and my immediate needs are met. I woke up this morning – Think about it, I woke up this morning, I woke up this morning, Gotta smile when I say that shit, I woke up this morning. I know that life is not granted. I know that most things are choice, I know I don’t have to turn a blind eye to suffering and injustice. I know that I have a voice. I know that I have choice.

I don’t know why. Why doesn’t matter, because I’m here. I’m here. And I’m lucky. Lucky I have four working limbs and a healthy body, heathy insides that turn poison to oxygen and a pancreas which does its magic every second. Lucky, nothing more. Luck is a state of awareness like gratitude, what’s will I do with this luck? Me- I will use it for the waking up process, for the remaining awake process. We are all blenders, some of us are just plugged in. Some of us are juicing that green smoothie and some of us are grinding metal. I don’t know why, but that’s what’s happening and that’s what I choose to do with it.

That’s my take on it. That’s my perception of this whole thing. That’s my story.

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